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From "Baller, Heiko" <>
Subject XMLFileModule reload bug?
Date Wed, 26 Apr 2006 18:07:19 GMT
I'm having difficulties to get the XMLFileModule to work properly.

cocoon.xconf :

logger="core.modules.xml" name="servicecatalogue">
  <file src="cocoon://intranet/transformers/dd/it/servicecatalogue.xml"
reloadable="true" cacheable="false"/>

Sitemap.xmap :

<map:match pattern="transformers/dd/it/servicecatalogue.xml">
   <map:serialize encoding="UTF-8" type="xml"/>

Just simple reading of a XML File w/o any transformers.

So, when "&HTDOCS;/dd/it/admin/ud-browser/servicecatalogue.xml" changes,
cocoon://intranet/transformers/dd/it/servicecatalogue.xml also changes.
So far so good.

But the XMLFileModule does not notice that. I tried all kinds of
configurations, also with <reloadable>true</reloadable> as child node of
<file>, but that didn't work either.

In my XSP I do sth like this:

sUrl = String.valueOf(this._xsp_module_helper.getAttribute(objectModel,

...where sXPath contains my xpath expression to retrieve one value from
that XML file.

I'm using cocoon 2.1.3, cannot upgrade to the latest version right away.
Btw, I doubt the latest version would work. I just retrieved all
org/.../input classes from a cocoon 2.1.8 distribution and hacked my
cocoon-2.1.3 jar, no success.

I just spent a couple hours w/o making any progress. What can I do? Give
up using XMLFileModule ?

Any help is highly appreciated!


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