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From "Laurent Perez" <>
Subject InputModule output and pipeline caching ?
Date Sat, 29 Apr 2006 23:58:38 GMT

AFAIK, Cocoon caching mechanism tries to cache a pipeline processing
workflow "until it meets a non-cacheable element" (correct me if I'm
mistaken :)).

My question is rather simple, given the above hopefully correct
assumption. If I have a pipeline with type="caching" that looks like :

<map:match pattern="foo">
<map:aggregate element="root">
<!-- various map:part reading xml flat files on disk which are
sometimes updated -->
<map:transform src="{myinputmodule:someproperty}/foo.xslt"/>
<map:serialize type="xml"/>

and given that the someproperty output value is dynamic, because based
on dynamic request parameters the myinputmodule uses to alter that
property :

will Cocoon cache the first inputmodule return value, and use it until
the cache has to be refreshed, or will it *instead* cache each and
every inputmodule value returned ?

in other words, will I end up with one cached xslt transformation
bound to the first inputmodule value ever returned, or with multiple
cached transformations, because Cocoon is "smart enough" to understand
the transformer part uses a dynamic source, knowing that the {} might
return different values ?


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