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From Torsten Schlabach <>
Subject [Job] Cocoon contractor wanted
Date Mon, 24 Apr 2006 11:09:39 GMT
Dear List!

We have a need for a contractor who can support us in come Cocoon, 
partially maybe Lenya topics. Knowledge of any other Java based CMS is a 
plus. Java programming skills might be helpful but not essential. Linux 
admin skills (init scripts, package management, firewall config, etc.) 
would definitely be a plus.

The job would be telecommuting, therefore it does not matter where you 
are based. It is about helping out and getting things done on an hourly 
basis. Though it's not a full time position you should be able to spare 
enough time to reply to requests in a timely fashion. Rountrip times for 
email discussions should be rather hours than days.

The hourly rate is negotiable and heavily depends on cirumstances.

The company involved is situated in a developing country in south-east 
asia and is serving local customers there at the appropriate rates which 
can be earned there. Please use this information when making an offer on 
what you intend to charge by the hour. On the other hand we stronly 
welcome people from that region of the world to apply.

If you would know some Arabic, Persian, Urdu or any other language which 
uses a non latin alphabet and possible right-to-left script you would be 
a perfect fit, though this is not a requirement.

The job might involve some personal coaching and learning opportunities.

In case you are interested please e-mail to tschlabach at 
indicating your background, your relevant working experience, the amount 
of time you could spare and an idea on payment.

We ensorse offers from professional companies given they will be willing 
to work at competetive rates as well as from individuals.


P.S.: Do not hit reply but use the email address provided!

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