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From "Martynas Jusevicius" <>
Subject Re: Is Cocoon the right choice?
Date Mon, 13 Mar 2006 20:23:55 GMT
For me Cocoon also looked like a perfect choice at first, and sitemap
with URL-matching as a perfect idea. But when a simple static sitemap
is becoming dynamic and involves logic or actions, it gets nasty. Some
flow control, a concept which I don't like at all, some JavaScript
gets involved, dummyn aggregations and transform results, dozens of
(never used) modules.You might find yourself trying to work around
sitemap's restrictions while building quite a simple thing and ending
up with strange and unreliable mix of technologies, some of them being
Cocoon-only. At this point, you might think: I would already have done
that with servlets or just PHP.
I would suggest that you check out XQuery. With an extension of
servlet-like functionality it became my favorite tool for web
development. Take a look at XQuery Server Pages or eXist XML DB.


On 3/13/06, Nils Kaiser <> wrote:
> Hello!
> Well, I am an happy cocoon user but I am working on a new project and not
> sure if cocoon is the right choice for it. The goal of the thing is to be
> able to extract information from existing web sites and to transform it and
> publish it to different channels. I already have built a project with cocoon
> and from the basic idea it covers pretty much with what coocoon is.
> The bad thing is that we have some complex requirements for this project and
> I am not sure how these can be solved using existing cocoon technology. Here
> what we need to be able to do:
> 1) Logical decisions in the pipeline depending on pipeline content... Yes I
> know this is not in the idea of the current cocoon pipeline. But seems to be
> pretty important in this project. On a higher view it might be the necessity
> to run transformers only if a certain condition refering to the pipeline
> applies.
> 2) As we are working with a lot of information coming from different pages
> and 'following' links to get this information, we need a more dynamical
> approach to get content. Example:
> User requests our URL
> - GET content of page 1
> - Page 1 has a link to page 2 (which is not known before)
> - GET content of page 2
> - Transform content of page 1 and page 2
> We cant be sure how many links we have to follow and we have to do some
> transformations after the request so this can't be a single component... The
> problem I see is not accessing and transforming the content. It is the fact
> of "restarting" the pipeline dynamically (depending on the content of page
> 1).
> I am not sure how this is possible with cocoon, especially because I have
> only little knowledge of flow. Is it the answer??
> I also know that it is possible to adress those issues with some tricks: for
> example using a special transformer followed by a CIncludeTransformer to
> call the same pipeline using cocoon:// for implementing pipeline "restart",
> or having a set of DOM transformers which make decisions and write things to
> the session to simulate conditional behavior of the pipeline.
> I am very open to innovative solutions like having an own pipeline
> implementation or a DOM based framework which can adress content based
> decisions better.
> I am just afraid we might end with a kind of monster doing some ugly things
> to force cocoon to do thing it is not supposed to ;)
> Thx for your comments,
> Nils
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