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From Luca Morandini <>
Subject Re: Gantt graph using Fins ?
Date Thu, 23 Mar 2006 12:05:24 GMT
Marc Portier wrote:
> Marc Salvetti wrote:
>>Do you have an idea of how long before the refactoring is released ?
> I was planning to put what I have up on svn this week (although current
> agenda might make that slide into weekend or early next week)
> Just to get expectation managament right:
> - strictly speaking 'refactoring' isn't the appropriate word, since my
> current angle of attack is NOT maintaining any of the current
> functionality...

Vive la revolution !

> - more bluntly: it's in current form a drastic step back in terms of
> functionality

Ok, let's get this straight:
1) the Fins committers aknowledged the current codebase was not suitable 
as a foundation for the whole JFreeChart functionality to be included 
(during these years, JFreeChart has changed *a lot*).
2) Marc came up with his "massive refactoring" proposal, which would 
take some time to bear some fruits, but will make easier to extend Fins.
3) There is another proposal from Antonio Fiol Bonnìn, using a more 
elaborate approach involving the extraction of information from the 
Javadoc of JFreeChart, but I haven't heard recent news of Antonio's 

> - so it's pretty much a 'from scratch' go at it in separate packages
> next to the existing stuff. As soon as this matures, gets
> feature-complete, and we create some transition xsl's / or at least
> transition guides we can get into deprecating the existing approach.

Yep: the current user base deserves a transition path.

> (and consider subscribing to the list and joining in on the fun)

Did I forget this exortation ? My bad... but here you are: we badly need 
new blood in Fins ! Join Fins and see the world (ahem... that was for 
the US Navy, but you got the idea).


    Luca Morandini

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