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Subject Re: XML messaging
Date Thu, 16 Mar 2006 14:40:36 GMT
Hi Yves,

I believe this is what the MQ quys call QoS (Quality of Service).  It
definitely sounds like JMS is what you need.

As an added benefit, if you use Apache Axis as your SOAP client when/if you
go that route, there is a JMS provider that you can use that will leverage
the effort that you're currently investing in JMS.

Good Luck!


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Yes, soap will be used in the future.
I was more looking for a framework to build the messages that a way to
transport them.

Every message we receive must be answered to acknowledge reception.
This is a quite complicated task because you must not only tell the
other side you got the file, but you must tell it what you got.
For instance, when we receive a group of data (a group is kinda like a
database table), we must answer it by answering the message (groep 1),
saying that we got  one group, then saying  how many items the group
had,  saying that we checked the content of the group (for instance
validating a  bank account nummer), ...

Thomas.Soddemann wrote:

> Hi,
> have you considered employing SOAP based Web Services for that?
> You could go even further and use WSRF and WS-Notification.
> Just a thought,
> Thomas
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