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From Gunter D'Hondt <>
Subject Re: Tomcat5.5 and trailing slash on URL
Date Thu, 16 Mar 2006 10:36:40 GMT

after some debugging I found out that Tomcat5 always adds a trailing slash 
to the URL if the URL matches to the directory structure; so if in your 
cocoon webapp you have an URL matcher for "abc" and also in the webapp a 
"abc"-directory then Tomcat will automatically add the "/" to it; if the 
"abc"-dir doesn't exist it doesn't add the "/"

so this means that Tomcat5 will first check with the filesystem before it 
does it's servlet-mapping to the CocoonServlet.

Gunter D'Hondt


Bertrand Delacretaz <> 
06/02/2006 14:06
Please respond to


Re: Tomcat5.5 and trailing slash on URL

Le 6 févr. 06, à 13:50, Gunter D'Hondt a écrit :

> ...we are both
> facing the same problem (so it's not related to my old cocoon version) 
> and
> it isn't related to the code (since Markus is using the cocoon samples)
> but we can both almost for sure say that it has something to do with 
> the
> core of Cocoon?..

I don't have time to help directly ATM, but here's a suggestion:

To locate the precise cause of the problem, the best would be IMHO to 
start tomcat with remote debugging active, connect with a Java debugger 
and set a breakpoint in the CocoonServlet.service(...) method.

You can then examine the HttpServletRequest object provided by tomcat 
and see how the path looks there.  If you're not comfortable with Java 
debuggers, you could also hack the CocoonServlet to add all kinds of 
System.err.println at the beginning of that method.

If (as I suspect) the path is already wrong there, having a precise 
diagnostic like that would allow you to ask the Tomcat guys if they 
know what could be causing the problem.


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