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From "Simon Stanlake" <>
Subject namespaces in root element of xsp generated page
Date Sat, 04 Mar 2006 00:04:27 GMT
I've got an xsp page that I would like to have generate xml that looks
like the following...
<root xmlns:foo="">
Problem is i'd like to have the foo namespace be dynamic, ie: come from
a form variable or database or something. I can add dynamic namespace
declarations inside the body of the xml document by going
which will add a declaration inside the <data/> element, but any content
inside <xsp:logic/> tags that is outside the first non-xsp element will
not be executed inside the generate() function, so this technique does
not work with the root element.
Is there a way to add a dynamic namespace declaration to the root
element of an xsp-generated xml document? I've thought of intercepting
the contentHandler and replacing with my own that does a
startPrefixMapping() inside the body of startDocument, but I'm looking
for something easier first.
thanks in advance,

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