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From Lars Huttar <>
Subject Cocoon + XQuery + SQLServer?
Date Fri, 24 Mar 2006 17:16:24 GMT

Our web apps require us to get data out of SQLServer databases (in 
general, relational db's) as XML and integrate it with other XML data.
So far we've been using XSP/esql/SQLTransformer to get the data out as XML.
I'm pretty interested in trying out XQuery as an alternative, and I'm 
trying to find out if that's possible in Cocoon.

I see there is the eXist project with its XQueryGenerator 
which looks perfect... but as far as I can tell, it will only connect to 
an eXist database (or a native XML database). Is that true?
One of the design goals of XQuery, and reasons for its success, is that 
it's aimed at integrating data from relational databases as well as from 
XML data sources.
Does anybody know whether XQueryGenerator could connect to a SQLServer 
instance that supports an XML view of its data, such as SQLServer 2000 + 
SQLXML, or SQLServer 2005?

I see also that SQLServer 2005 provides XQuery support via web services 
(SOAP); that might be our best bet for the time being. But I'm not sure 
how db-vendor-independent that would the long run. (Also, 
SQLServer doesn't support all of XQuery, e.g. no "let", I'm told.) It 
does seem to make sense to have XQueries run on the db server in terms 
of network usage. I think.

My primary question, though, is: is it possible to run XQuery queries 
now in Cocoon that connect to a SQLServer database?

Thanks for any info,

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