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From Simone Gianni <>
Subject Re: CForms: Invisible Labels
Date Fri, 24 Mar 2006 12:17:47 GMT
Hi Gary,
i suppose you are using Ajax, since without ajax it works correctly.

What's going on is basically this :
- The hidden field is rendered in the form instance with a placeholder
- The placeholder does not contains a label, so the <label> html element 
is generated but is empty
- Once the widget becomes visible, a <bu:replace> is generated so that 
ajax can update the widget status
- Unfortunately, ajax only updates the <span> containing the input, and 
not the connected <label>

IMMO there are cases (like transition from invisible to visible) where a 
bu:replace should be issued for "the entire widget", which mean the 
label and even eventually the <tr> that contains the widget, since i 
would expect an invisible field not to generate a <tr> in a columns 
layout, but the <tr> to appear when the widget becomes visible, but this 
is not easy nor tidy to implement.

As a work around, you could try the ajax fine tuning patch found here that should permit you 
to disable ajax on the triggering widget, thus causing a complete page 
reload only in that case. If this patch acts as a workaround, then 
please add a comment on the bug to let other people know and vote for it 
so that it get included in cocoon faster.

Another really untidy workaround could be to put the field inside a 
repeater (don't know if other kind of container widgets could work as 
well) and then force an ajax repeater update. Ajax updates the entire 
repeater content (table or whatever else) when a row is added or removed 
from a repeater, so it will update everything. You can trigger a 
repeater complete ajax update with form.addWidgetUpdate(repeaterWidget).

Anyway, fill a bug in jira ( 
) for this issue.

If you are brave, you could try to modify the cocoon forms XSL/write a 
new XSL to act this way :
- put an id on the label elements, something like [inputname]:label.
- when a bu:replace is generated, generate a companion bu:replace for 
the label.

Hope this is somehow helpful,

Stewart, Gary wrote:

>I've got a form with an invisible item and a radio box that will set it to active. It
works fine except the label doesn't appear. The definition looks something like:
>(On the widget):
> <fd:javascript>
>    this.setState(;
> </fd:javascript>
>(On the activating widget):
> <fd:javascript>
>  var dod_widget = event.source.parent.lookupWidget("dod");
>  if(event.source.value == "0")
>	{
>	 dod_widget.setState(;
>	 dod_widget.value = "";
>	}
>   else //1
>	{
>	 dod_widget.setState(;
>	}
> </fd:javascript>
>Is there anything else I need to set to make the label appear? I've tried using the column
group layout for it and just "manually" having the label in the form but neither seem to show
the label when the widget becomes active.
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Simone Gianni

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