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From Marc Portier <>
Subject Re: Gantt graph using Fins ?
Date Thu, 23 Mar 2006 11:03:57 GMT

Marc Salvetti wrote:
>     Yes it is alive, but the development has been limited to some patches
>     for the past year and half. Anyway, Marc is through a massive
>     refactoring of the codebase... hopefully laying the foundation for the
>     whole of JFreeChart to be included in Fins.
> Thanks, that's great news !
> Do you have an idea of how long before the refactoring is released ?

I was planning to put what I have up on svn this week (although current
agenda might make that slide into weekend or early next week)

Just to get expectation managament right:

- strictly speaking 'refactoring' isn't the appropriate word, since my
current angle of attack is NOT maintaining any of the current

- more bluntly: it's in current form a drastic step back in terms of

- so it's pretty much a 'from scratch' go at it in separate packages
next to the existing stuff. As soon as this matures, gets
feature-complete, and we create some transition xsl's / or at least
transition guides we can get into deprecating the existing approach.

- so 'major redesign' is probably a better wording to it, the main
attempt is indeed to change the groundwork so it's easier to follow up
on the jfc features in different releases (including enabling your own
custom exploitation of those).

That and taking up some other lingering feature requests, please check
the recent discussions to get a better feeling of what is going on

(and consider subscribing to the list and joining in on the fun)

Marc Portier                  
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