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From Nils Kaiser <>
Subject Custom XSL Transformer
Date Mon, 20 Mar 2006 18:07:38 GMT

I need to implement an own transformer for solving the following issues.

- Transform SAX stream using an xsl file chosen running some xpaths on 
the input by a previous transformer (xsl file name passed in the request 
scope). I had a look at the TraxTransformer code and it looks like I 
have to move the setConsumer code to startDocument to get the xsl file 
name and create the transformerHandler instance.

Can I get some performance problems here because the XSLT file is 
changing? Does cocoon reuse the transformer instances then? Or will I 
have to implement an own pool mechanism?

- In a later step, it would be nice if I am able to run the 
transformation on a specified node (on a subelement of the pipeline). 
For example I have a pipeline like this:

       ... content ...

and want to run the transformation directly on the node 
pipeline/request. How can I achieve that behavior? Can I do it in a 
trax-friendly manner?

Thx for any help!

Nils Kaiser

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