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From Simone Gianni <>
Subject Re: CForms.process(formContext)
Date Fri, 17 Mar 2006 15:06:41 GMT
Hi Gunter,
the process can return false for mainly two reasons :
- The form does not validate correctly
- Somebody called the endProcessing(false) method.

This second situation is triggered in many cases :
- The submit widget is a field (with a listener, or 
submit-on-change=true ..)
- The submit widget is an action (an action is actually just a button, 
so it's supposed a listener is connected to it)
- Some other widget called the endProcessing(false) for some reason 
(search the occurencies of endProcessing inside forms source).

If you cannot find what's happening only with this, you could try the 
following :
- Remote debug your cocoon application (run cocoon.bat servlet-debug and 
the connect in debugging from an ide like eclipse).
- Put a brakpoint inside endProcessing, and see if it's called with 
false and thus watch at the stack trace.
- If nobody calls it, then the process method calls validate, so 
probably it's a validation issue.
- Put a breakpoint inside the validate method and try to understand who 
is not validating and why it does not place a validation error, this 
could be a bug.

Hope this helps,

Gunter D'Hondt wrote:

>How can I check which validation error or widget that is triggering a 
>"false" after the process()-method. This becourse I've got a form which 
>returns an invalid process() but I cannot figure out which widget that is 
>causing this (all required fields are filled in, all datatypes are 
>correct, no red "!" are showing on the template file, ...)
>Gunter D'Hondt
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Simone Gianni

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