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From Jason Johnston <>
Subject Re: Question about union
Date Mon, 13 Mar 2006 14:50:13 GMT
Duncan McLean wrote:
> Hi Simone
> Thanks for this...
> The reason I asked this question is that we were trying this exact approach
> (though not using a union), but since we are using Ajax, we have been
> getting an error...
> This is part of the definition for the form in question
> It works correctly when we don't use Ajax, however
> using Ajax we get the javascript alert error message:
> "No element "life2" defined in document" after the item is selected.

This is due to the fact that (at least in 2.1.8) there is no placeholder
HTML element generated for ft:group, so when an ajax update occurs it
doesn't know where in the document to insert the result.  This is just
one of those widgets that isn't fully supported under ajax mode yet.

I'm trying to remember... I think you can work around this by wrapping
the contents of your ft:group template with a div or span of the same
id.  For example:

  <ft:group id="life2">
    <div id="life2">
      <!-- all your content markup and sub-widgets... -->

...though I think this might only work if the life2 group is visible on
initial load.  Not sure, but worth a try.


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