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From Duncan McLean <>
Subject Calling a business service from a form
Date Sun, 12 Mar 2006 20:05:30 GMT

We have a rather complicated scenario where we would like to effectively 
call a business service which does some detailed calculations involving 
a value from a text field on a form and then updating the same form with 
the value.

Effectively, the users would like the service calculation to trigger 
after an onBlur event on the affected text field.

We already call a business service in flow (using and XSP page which 
composes the required SOAP request). We then call this pipeline within 
flow which causes the business service to be called and we can then get 
at the returned DOM to extract the values. This can be done up front in 
flow which makes this scenario easy, but the onBlur scenario is proving 

What would be nice would be to (in the fd:javascript block for the text 
box) using a similar method to the above - call a pipeline that creates 
another XSP page that will create the appropriate SOAP request and call 
the business service, interrogate the results and incorporate the 
results into the same form! Tricky?

Sorry that this sounds a bit convoluted, but does anyone have a better 
suggestion on how to achieve this?

So, in summary - onBlur called against a text field, results in creation 
of SOAP request to a business service which does some business logic 
calcs, returns some XML which is interrogated for a value and area on 
the same form re-populated with result of calculation.


Thanks in advance


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