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From David Park <>
Subject No ajax, but page with long repeater...
Date Fri, 10 Mar 2006 19:42:42 GMT
Using cocoon 2.1.8, here is the problem:

Say a form has a repeater with many rows. If there is a repeater-action 
at the bottom that adds a new row, clicking it causes a form submit, and 
the user ends up at the top of the page, where the new row sits at the 
bottom of the page.

Likewise, if the repeater rows themselves have nested repeaters, any 
action that causes a form submission leaves the user at the top of the 
page, in a different "context", if you will, than where they performed 
the "submit action".

Is it possible, without ajax, to have a page submission target the 
widget that was "acted upon"?

Is CForms able to output an <a name="repeteater-row-id"> that is 
targeted somehow via an http://my_continuation_url#repeater-row-id?

Many thanks to anyone who has any assistance to offer.

David Park

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