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From Simone Gianni <>
Subject Re: [FLOW] sendPageAndWait continuation storage
Date Fri, 03 Mar 2006 23:51:45 GMT
Hi Bruyn,
there is a continuation input module, that you can use inside the  
sitemap to pass any continuation information to any object (an xsl, a 
flow, a custom object of yours). For example, to pass the continuation 
id as a parameter to an XSLT you can simply write :

<map:transform src="my.xsl">
  <map:parameter name="contid" value="{flow-continuation:id}"/>

The syntax of the input module is xpath based, so to obtain for example 
the id of the parent continuation you can use 
flow-continuation:parentContinuation/id . You can find the javadocs for 
the input module class here


Regarding bizdata, they are live only within the request, so once you 
have serialized the page (or PDF or whatever else) they are lost, but 
all you need is still in the flow, so once you get back there using the 
continuation id ...

Hope this helps,

Bruyn Bill wrote:

>When a continuation is created by sendPageAndWait, where is it stored?
>Can I access it with flowscript or in the sitemap?
>I have a scenario similar to the 'flowscript continuation from external
>reply' problem discussed recently.  What I'm trying to do is iterate
>over a list, and for each item in it, call out to some remote process
>that will render a 'PDF Form' with my continuation-id in its submit
>button.  So something like the following:
>//for each element in the list
>for (var i=0; i<subjects.size(); i++) {
>  //get some more input, if you want
>  var subject = subjects.get(i);
>  bindFormInput("subject", subject, {subject:subject});
>  //format xml input via jx generator
>  var dom = pipeline.processToDOM("4pointsresult.xml", {doc:doc,
>  //let some other pipeline do stuff and a sendPage (actually another
>top-level flowscript function)
>  cocoon.sendPageAndWait("forms-server.flow", {dom: dom});
>  //and then move on to the next element
>I guess I could stick a jx template in the middle, grab the
>continuation-id from there, and then post a form to my flowscript, but I
>don't see how I'd preserve my bizData (dom) across requests like that...
>And if the continuation os available to the jx generator, shouldn't I be
>able to get to it without going thru all that?
>Bill Bruyn
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Simone Gianni

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