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From "J.D. Williams" <>
Subject Migrating Cocoon site for static presentation
Date Fri, 03 Mar 2006 17:35:05 GMT
I have a Cocoon webapp that is nothing more than a way of presenting 
XML-based documentation based on an arbitrary DTD. I use Cocoon instead 
of another way of building the HTML output because it works better than 
any other method I have tried.

The important thing is the DTD. It is required as a way of organizing 
the content, which is quite complex and which my client requires. This 
means we have developed XSL specifically for this content.

All is good so far.

However, a need has arisen to generate static Web sites for this content 
for delivery via a Web server; i.e., not Tomcat or other servlet container.

Forrest looks like a good bet, and I have gotten the Forrest 
documentation and demo site to work. Diving into the documentation to 
determine how to migrate this particular project has proven a bit 
confusing. I think the section "Customizing Your Content" was written 
for a somewhat different scenario than the one I have in mind.

I have also read that the Cocoon CLI is another option, but have not 
really "grokked" that one as yet.

So, if anyone on the list has done something similar and has any tips on 
the best way to proceed, I would appreciate it. The directory structure 
of the existing webapp is way simple, as follows:

|-- myproject
|   -- myxmlcontent
|   -- myxsl
|   -- mydtd
|   -- mycss
|   -- WEB-INF
|   -- META-INF
|       |-- sitemap.xmap

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