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From Kamal Bhatt <>
Subject Trouble with repeater
Date Thu, 02 Mar 2006 06:52:34 GMT

I am trying to make a search screen.

The idea is that the user can search based on two database fields or 
simply search all. I thought I would use cforms to do this. The fields 
to search by would be a union and when the user submits it will pass the 
data along to an xsp and xslt (via the sitemap). However, there are a 
number of problems with this, the first being I cannot even get the 
template to work. I get null pointer exceptions. The problem seems to be 
when I show the form.

Here is my definition:

<fd:form xmlns:fd="" 
xmlns:i18n="" id="promotion_select">
    <fd:field id="filter" required="false" nullable="false">
        <fd:datatype base="string"/>
            <fd:item value="None"/>
        <fd:item value="Id"/>
        <fd:item value="Title"/>

       <fd:union id="data" case="filter">
            <fd:field id="None" state="output">
          <fd:datatype base="string"/>
        <fd:field id="Id">
          <fd:datatype base="integer"/>
        <fd:field id="Title">
           <fd:datatype base="string"/>

    <!-- ACTIONS -->

    <!-- Submit -->   
    <fd:submit id="submit" command="submit">

Here is my template:

<div id="body">

    <jx:import xmlns:jx=""
      id="promotionSelect" name="promotionSelect">
    <ft:widget id="filter"><fi:styling list-type="dropdown" 

    <ft:union id="data">
      <ft:case id="None">
        <ft:widget id="None"/>

      <ft:case id="Id">
        <ft:widget id="Id"/>

      <ft:case id="Title">
        <ft:widget id="Title"/>

    <ft:widget id="submit"><fi:styling type="link"/></ft:widget>

Here is my javascript:

function select_promotion()
    var form = new Form("cforms/promotion_select.xml");

I want the fields and the data (generated by an XSLT) to be shown on the 
same screen. I was wondering if it were possible to call the template 
again after we call the xsp/xslt so we can see the fields again. I don't 
know if this will work and the more I think about the more unlikely it 
looks. Is there a nice way of doing this without bindings to the database?


Kamal Bhatt

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