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From Ken Starks <>
Subject How can I redirect a Cocoon uri to my regular cgi-bin ? NB with request parameters, please.
Date Sun, 19 Mar 2006 20:12:33 GMT
I have a simple (Sorry, its Hello, World) script, writen in python.
It works fine for example using:

Now I have wish to have it as part of a Cocoon project called 'Graphics' and 
I eventually got it to partly work with the following entry in

        <map:match pattern="Hello">
          <map:read src="http://localhost/cgi-bin/"  />

Script ' is the same as except it misses out the
<?xml ... ?> line

The result, in my browser, of typing 


   is a web page, but it completely ignores the request parameters 'name' and 
'n'. It uses the defaults, which are name=World&n=10

What should I do? 

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