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From Frank Taffelt <>
Subject Re: inter-coplet communication possible with forms?
Date Fri, 24 Mar 2006 14:09:27 GMT
with the optional format attribute you can specify the form of encoding 

<coplet:link path="attributes/taskId" value="1"
format="html-form"> coplet="terminplaner5-1">back</coplet:link>

should generate an hidden parameter with correct event encoded.

Christoph May wrote:
> Hello,
> I use inter-coplet communication in my cocoon-portal and the following
> line works as it should:
> <coplet:link path="attributes/taskId" value="1"
> coplet="terminplaner5-1">back</coplet:link>
> It generates an <a>-tag with the correct href-attribute.
> But what to do, if i want a <form>-tag with action-attribute instead
> of an <a>-tag with an href-attribute generated?
> <ev:eventlink> seems to do the job, but i can't find a way of telling
> it the coplet it should link to.
> (coplet=""
> ev="")
> So: How can i use coplet:link or ev:eventlink in this case? Is there
> another tag for this job?
> Or is there some code or documentation that tells me, for a start,
> which tags with the corresponding attributes are syntactically correct
> in the ev- or coplet- namespace?
> Christoph May
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