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From "Christofer Dutz" <>
Subject AW: Memoryleaks in Cocoon 2.1.7?
Date Fri, 10 Mar 2006 23:47:38 GMT
Well it seems that I was able to get rid of the nasty memory leaks.

The problem is, that they weren't real memory leaks after all. I noticed
that if I pressed the "GC" button in the JConsole tool, that all unnecessary
Memory was freed. As far as could find out, this is a problem with the
default garbage collection method used to free memory. This uses a fast but
inaccurate way to free unused memory blocks. I could have started testing
out different GC settings, but I simply witched to a JRockit VM and all my
memory problems were solved. After doing some performance evaluations at my
university I knew that JRockit seems to handle its memory a lot more
efficient than the Sun VM (both with default GC setting), so I didn't bother
testing the settings of the Sun VM. Maybe someone on this list has some
hints to getting the Sun VM to clean up its memory better.


Hope this helps anyone.





Von: Simone Gianni [] 
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 2. März 2006 13:14
Betreff: Re: Memoryleaks in Cocoon 2.1.7?


Just for the records, i'm currently experiencing some out of memory errors
on a cocoon 2.1.8 using common blocks + forms + fop on two machines (a
developer machine running windows, and a gentoo server), while with the same
cocoon version and same application it does not happen on other machines
(ranging from ubuntu and gentoo developers machines, and an ubuntu server).
So I thought it was a platform problem, not directly related with cocoon (so
didn't even tried a profiled run), but since the thread is open and i have
two machines showing random out of memory, let me know if i can check
something to make it clearer.


Tomasz Nowak wrote: 

Użytkownik  <>
<> wrote:

I have read your posts. The problem seems to be a different one.
We increased the memory assigned to tomcat and cocoon and successfully
increased the time between OutOfMemory errors. With 2GB of Memory the
application runs stable for about one week. I am now looking for the
leak itself and as I can see in the jconsole there is deffinitively a
leak. If I cant get a tip here, my next step is to setup a profiler
and run jmeter stresstests untill I find the bug. Hopefully it is no
"big-one" in cocoon itself.

I would be VERY THANKFULL if you let me know if you find that leak.

Simone Gianni

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