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From "Christofer Dutz" <>
Subject AW: AW: Memoryleaks in Cocoon 2.1.7?
Date Sat, 11 Mar 2006 09:10:17 GMT

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Von: Ralph Goers [] 
Gesendet: Samstag, 11. März 2006 05:16
Betreff: Re: AW: Memoryleaks in Cocoon 2.1.7?

Were you using Java 5?

Christofer Dutz wrote:
> Well it seems that I was able to get rid of the nasty memory leaks.
> The problem is, that they weren't real memory leaks after all. I 
> noticed that if I pressed the "GC" button in the JConsole tool, that 
> all unnecessary Memory was freed. As far as could find out, this is a 
> problem with the default garbage collection method used to free 
> memory. This uses a fast but inaccurate way to free unused memory 
> blocks. I could have started testing out different GC settings, but I 
> simply witched to a JRockit VM and all my memory problems were solved. 
> After doing some performance evaluations at my university I knew that 
> JRockit seems to handle its memory a lot more efficient than the Sun 
> VM (both with default GC setting), so I didn't bother testing the 
> settings of the Sun VM. Maybe someone on this list has some hints to 
> getting the Sun VM to clean up its memory better.
> Hope this helps anyone.
> Chris
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> *Von:* Simone Gianni []
> *Gesendet:* Donnerstag, 2. März 2006 13:14
> *An:*
> *Betreff:* Re: Memoryleaks in Cocoon 2.1.7?
> Just for the records, i'm currently experiencing some out of memory 
> errors on a cocoon 2.1.8 using common blocks + forms + fop on two 
> machines (a developer machine running windows, and a gentoo server), 
> while with the same cocoon version and same application it does not 
> happen on other machines (ranging from ubuntu and gentoo developers 
> machines, and an ubuntu server). So I thought it was a platform 
> problem, not directly related with cocoon (so didn't even tried a 
> profiled run), but since the thread is open and i have two machines 
> showing random out of memory, let me know if i can check something to 
> make it clearer.
> Simone
> Tomasz Nowak wrote:
> Użytkownik <>
<> wrote:
>> I have read your posts. The problem seems to be a different one.
>> We increased the memory assigned to tomcat and cocoon and successfully
>> increased the time between OutOfMemory errors. With 2GB of Memory the
>> application runs stable for about one week. I am now looking for the
>> leak itself and as I can see in the jconsole there is deffinitively a
>> leak. If I cant get a tip here, my next step is to setup a profiler
>> and run jmeter stresstests untill I find the bug. Hopefully it is no
>> "big-one" in cocoon itself.
> I would be VERY THANKFULL if you let me know if you find that leak.
> -- 
> Simone Gianni

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