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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: Forms encoding problem
Date Wed, 08 Feb 2006 10:06:21 GMT
Thanks - where exactly in the pipeline did you insert this?

>>> 2006/02/08 11:56:39 AM >>>
This helped me a lot.

<map:act type="set-encoding">
<map:parameter name="form-encoding" value="UTF-8"/>


Nick Nagels
IT Specialist @ KULeuven for EuroGenTest

Derek Hohls wrote:
> Antonio
> I guess I did - strange that it happens only on the one
> server.. maybe UNIX less "forgiving" than Linux.
> Is there a "default" encoding that Cocoon makes use of?
> IOW, if I import or reuse stylesheets from Cocoon samples
> etc. will I expect to see these in UTF-8? Can I simply omit
> the encoding parameter from *all* my files and set a default
> for the entire project (in the sitemap, for example). That
> way I could avoid the "mixing" problem you refer to.
> Or if this is all spelt out in great detail, somewhere, I'd like
> to go and read up about it...
> Thanks
> Derek
>>>> 2006/02/08 09:36:44 AM >>>
> 2006/2/8, Derek Hohls < >:
>> PS Is there any good reason to prefer ISO-8859-1 over
>> UTF-8 ... these seem to be used interchangeably, but I
>> guess they are not?
> They are different.
> If your app only uses "latin" characters, you could use one or the
> other. Otherwise, you should use UTF-8.
> But beware that mixing is not good, especially if you mix them in the
> same document. Both encodings encode the same characters in very
> different ways (except for standard ASCII, which happens to be encoded
> the same). If you mix, you may run into trouble. You probably already
> ran into trouble. ;-)
> --
> Antonio
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