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From Antonio Fiol BonnĂ­n <>
Subject Re: Forms encoding problem
Date Wed, 08 Feb 2006 07:36:44 GMT
2006/2/8, Derek Hohls <>:
> PS Is there any good reason to prefer ISO-8859-1 over
> UTF-8 ... these seem to be used interchangeably, but I
> guess they are not?

They are different.

If your app only uses "latin" characters, you could use one or the
other. Otherwise, you should use UTF-8.

But beware that mixing is not good, especially if you mix them in the
same document. Both encodings encode the same characters in very
different ways (except for standard ASCII, which happens to be encoded
the same). If you mix, you may run into trouble. You probably already
ran into trouble. ;-)


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