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From Gunter D'Hondt <>
Subject Re: continuations
Date Mon, 13 Feb 2006 09:38:33 GMT
done that trick also for a few sites but major problem here might consists 
that the client browser must have javascript enabled (to force the reload 
of the frame) and it must support frames (which is ugly) or iframes (which 
is IE only)

can't you just always keep the continuations alive; so setting no session 
timeouts; or you might even temporarily store them yourself on a disk/db 
or whatever

Gunter D'Hondt


Jan Hoskens <> 
13/02/2006 10:29
Please respond to




I have a flow in which I create a form. When this form is displayed, I 
like to keep the continuation to stay alive for as long as the user is 
filling in that form (which can take more than one hour, depends on how 
many times the user is refilling his cup of tea or coffee, and how many 
colleagues are passing by to have a nice chat with ;-) ). I'm thinking 
of something similar like daisy does 
(, made by outerthought): sending a 
form which carries an internal frame that refreshes itself every x 
minutes. This frame will load a page which contains the original ID from 
the form continuation (by request). A small flowscript function will 
then call the continuationmanager and retrieve the WebContinuation. 
Getting the continuation from this object will trigger the 
WebContinuation to update its access time and thus it will stay alive.

Is this sensible? Has anyone else ever tried something alike or solved 
this another way? Any comments welcome!

Kind Regards,

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