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From Stephen Winnall <>
Subject is there a BrowserAction?
Date Fri, 17 Feb 2006 00:01:45 GMT
I am looking for a way to get information about the user's browser in  
a transformation in a
Cocoon pipeline. I may be looking for the wrong thing, or trying to  
go about it in the wrong
way, so I'd be grateful for any advice.

I want to handle browser differences in an XSLT file rather than in  
the sitemap. I realise that
I could use BrowserSelector if I wanted the logic to be in the  
sitemap, but I think I have a
cleaner  solution if I can put the logic into a transformation. An  
action  along the lines of
LocaleAction would seem to me to fit the bill.

I've spent some time googling for BrowserAction and variations of  
that, but I haven't found
anything and suspect that I may have to write the thing myself. Does  
such a thing already
exist? Or is there already an elegant way of passing the name of the  
browser (ideally with
version and OS) to an XSLT in a pipeline?


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