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From "Andrew Stevens" <>
Subject RE: xhtml table -> mysqlimport
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2006 22:47:02 GMT
>Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2006 16:26:58 -0500
>There's some data in an xhtml table which I'd like to import to a
>database using mysqlimport, or similar.  Viewing the xhtml file from a
>browser doesn't display all the data--the data I'm after are the
>URL's.  If I copy/paste from what the browser shows, the URL's aren't
>copied, but, of course, the links can be clicked on from the browser.

You could always "View Source" and copy/paste from that, though you'd need 
to run it through a suitable editor macro or similar to strip out the rest 
of the markup.

>>I would need to do an XSLT transform, perhaps using cocoon, to extract
>that data?

That's another possibility.  Or, if you've got XMLSpy you could open the URL 
in one window, write some XSL in another, and even run it without leaving 
the program.  No doubt other XML/XSL editors could do the same; XMLSpy's 
just the one I've been using most recently so I know it's possible in that.

Or you could write the XSL and create a Cocoon pipeline to read the file (on 
disk or via HTTP) and apply it.  Whether it's worth the extra effort to 
configure that depends on how often you need to do and whether you need 
anything else from it.  If it's just a one-off and you can do it in an 
editor without worrying about installation & configuration, you may as well 
do that.  Or write a shell script to run it with Saxon and set up a cron 
job.  Unless you need to serve the results up over the web, Cocoon's 
probably overkill.


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