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From Ralph Rauscher <>
Subject CForms multivalue field breaks if used within union widget with AJAX enabled??
Date Tue, 28 Feb 2006 19:53:19 GMT

I'm having trouble using a multivalue field within a union - at least 
with mozilla based browsers and AJAX enabled I'm getting JavaScript 
errors and the multivalue field stops working.

Attached is a very simple example that reproduces the problem. The tar 
is intended to be extracted into a default cocoon installation in the 
folder where the main cocoon sitemap resides and is then accessible via 
http://localhost:xxxx/..../uniontest/uniontest. I'm using Cocoon 2.1.8.

The attached example lets you swich cases via a drop down box - very 
similar to Datasource chooser sample in cocoon. Case 1 has a multivalue 
field in it, case 2 has a simple field. Upon first loading, the default 
case (the multivalue field) is displayed. Everything's fine so far. You 
can now swich to case 2, so the simple field gets displayed. However, 
from now on it is not possible to swich back to the multivalue field - 
at least not with Mozilla or Firefox, IE works fine...

In the Javascript console I can see the following error when trying to 
switch back:

Error: this.entry has no properties
Source File: 
Line: 234

This is located in the FormsMultiValueEditor JavaScript class that gets 
instanciated as part of the multivalue field on the bowser side. Also 
this is perfectly working upon first loading the page, it seems that the 
partial AJAX updates that Mozilla / Firefox retrieves are not 
immediatelly accessible via getElementById. Thus, the first lookup in 
FormsMultiValueEditor() fails and causes Mozilla / Firefox cancelling 
the new FormsMultiValueEditor() call together with the complete div 
replacement and things stop working.

(By the way: The same behaviour occurs when using a multivalue field 
within a repeater that has move actions associated with the repeater 
rows. As soon as a move has been triggered, the multivalue field stops 

Is this a known problem or is it possible to work around this? I've 
dived into this somewhat, but my knowledge of JavaScript is still very 
limited. Any help is greatly appreciated.



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