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From Thomas Soddemann <>
Subject Re: XML:DB user authentification
Date Mon, 27 Feb 2006 12:22:04 GMT

I have solved my problem.
The authentication is coupled to the collection and not to the database
connection as I had assumed. So one can get a collection with
getCollection(String collection, String username, String password) and
then add resources to it, ...
Maybe this can find its way into the XML:DB pseudo protocol as well?

Thanks anyway,

Thomas Soddemann wrote:

>the targeted db is currently eXist, but may also be some other like
>Tamino in future.
>With xmlrpc everything works fine. When using the XML:DB API the user
>'guest' is selected by default in eXist.
>My hope was, that there are some parameters which can shipped with the
>request to the db, since it is also possible to modify user accounts via
>the XML:DB UserManagementService (at least if the admin password has not
>been set ;)).
>So in general, does anybody know how to set the user when talking to a
>db via XML:DB?
>P.S.: In all cases, the database is stand alone (remote from a coocon

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