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From Kamal Bhatt <>
Subject Passing XML data back into the pipeline.
Date Mon, 27 Feb 2006 05:08:28 GMT

We have a form that is bound to a java object (so we can copy it to a 
db). There is a need for a "preview" button. The idea behind this would 
be to take the form as xml data (as opposed to the database), reprocess 
it (with an existing XSLT) and open the product of this in another screen..

Currently, we are considering the use of jx templates, but this means 
replicating code. I was wondering if there was a way of taking the form, 
convert it into XML (perhaps with the XMLAdapter), pass this XML data 
back to the sitemap (without destroying the state of the current form) 
and eventually pass it to an XSLT to process the form in a separate window.

I was thinking about creating an action in the form definition which 
would call a function like this (Note, I have not tested the following 

cocoon.sendPage("preview-pipeline", {xml : form.getXML().toString()});

but then what?


Kamal Bhatt

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