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From Kamal Bhatt <>
Subject Re: cforms - validating integers
Date Sun, 26 Feb 2006 22:33:15 GMT

OK, this is a mistake on my part. This is a problem not with validation 
as I thought but with form in general (ie it is not saving even when the 
fields are valid). I will probably repost when I have  looked into this 


Kamal Bhatt wrote:

> Hi
> I have a cform with the following field:
>    <fd:field id="min_duration" required="false">
>        <fd:label>Min Duration</fd:label>
>        <fd:datatype base="integer"/>
>        <fd:validation>
>          <fd:regexp pattern="[0-9]*"/>
>          <fd:range min="1" max="99">
>            <fd:failmessage>Max duration must an integer greater than 1 
> and less than 99</fd:failmessage>
>          </fd:range>
>         </fd:validation>
>    </fd:field>
> When I enter a non-integer character (eg 'a'), the cform fails on 
> save. All other validation works, but obviously, validation does not 
> work until the field is bound to the variable. My question is how to 
> get the field to validate without using javascript (at the form 
> template level) to do so (for the sake of consistency).
> Cheers.
> Kamal.

Kamal Bhatt

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