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From Simone Gianni <>
Subject Re: Cast type in flowscript
Date Sun, 26 Feb 2006 21:33:26 GMT
Hi Andrew,
JavaFlow is the same thing as FlowScript, but instead of writing 
javascript files, you write common java classes. The rest is basically 
the same, you have sendPage, sendPageAndWait, can instantiate and send 
forms etc.. etc..

The main advantages of JavaFlow are :
- You use java, which is typed, so you son't have problems with 
overloading, polymorphism etc..
- You have compile time checking, that you don't have in javascript 
since it's not compiled.
- You use common java developement tools, like any java editor and 
debugger (Eclipse works for me), even remotely on a test server and not 
only the embedded venkmann debugger only on the delevoper machine.
- You avoid common javascript nightmares ( if (c && (c == 'true' || c == 
true)) ) etc.. etc..

It also have drawbacks :
- Javascript is usually considered easier to write
- The BCEL rewritings that are made automatically on java classes to 
make them continuation aware are sometimes weird.

I personally find myself much more happy with javaflow, since compile 
time code checking is a must, and since i usually write flows that  use 
a java backend, and it's much more simpler to use it directly in java 
than in javascript. This is expecially true if you have a complex 
backend (with polymorphism and/or other design patterns) where untyped 
javascript (and the consequent rhino guesses) can cause hard to find 
bugs or even disasters. Also, quite commonly the backend and frontend 
are developed by different teams, with javascript you have no way to 
check if a change in the backend can cause problems to frontend flows, 
while with javaflow automatic refactoring is applied also in flows, and 
backend guys can quickly check if they broke something.


Andrew Madu wrote:

> Hi Jason,
>> Or you could move
>> to JavaFlow if you'd rather go that way.
> do you know of any good documentation that describes the conversion 
> process required to get from flowscript to javaflow? I've had a quick 
> look at the javaflow docs under cocoon and they make little sense to 
> me at this moment.
> Does JavaFlow support continuations?
> Andrew

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