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From Jason Johnston <>
Subject Re: Cast type in flowscript
Date Thu, 23 Feb 2006 15:27:26 GMT
Andrew Madu wrote:

> var caller = new CallerServices();
> ...
> var request = new DoDirectPaymentRequestType();
> ...
> var response ="DoDirectPayment", request);

I've tried searching for the paypal API javadocs without success, so I'm
not sure what the method is expecting as arguments.
Assuming all your other code is correct, my hunch is the
method is overloaded in a way that Rhino (the javascript engine) cannot
resolve the correct overloaded method to use given the request object.
It may be selecting the wrong overloaded method, resulting in a
ClassCastException within that method.

If that's the case then I think you can use the technique described at
the bottom of (the
section "Explicit Method Specification") which should allow you to
choose the specific overloaded method to use.

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