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From Jan Hoskens>
Subject Re: continuations
Date Mon, 13 Feb 2006 10:31:18 GMT
Fabrizio Sitzia wrote:
> Hello,
>> I have a flow in which I create a form. When this form is displayed, I
>> like to keep the continuation to stay alive for as long as the user is
>> filling in that form (which can take more than one hour, depends on how
>> many times the user is refilling his cup of tea or coffee, and how many
>> colleagues are passing by to have a nice chat with...
> Yep, and people tend to get very upset if they spent 5 minutes beginning
> to fill out a form just before they left for a 2 hour lunch, and find
> their session has expired when they come back!
> For a less security-critical intranet app, I therefore defined a timeout
> of 4 hours, as follows:
> - In "cocoon.xconf", I set the continuations-manager's time-to-live"
>   attribute to 14400000 (4 hours * 3600 seconds * 1000 milliseconds :-)
>   I also set the "session-bound-continuations" attribute to "true", as
>   there is no point leaving continuations around when the servlet
>   container's session has expired...
That's correct, I'll definitely check that session-bound-continuations 
attribute, thanks for the info.
> - I also set the servlet container's (Jetty) session-timeout to 4 hours
>   (240 minutes), by adding the following to its "web.xml" file:
>     ...
>     <session-config>
>       <session-timeout>240</session-timeout>
>     </session-config>
>   </web-app>
I don't want my sessions/continuations to have long time-out periods for 
security reasons. It's ok to have them log in again if their session is 
timed out after eg a half hour. But then again, when they are editing a 
form, this might take some time, and the responsibility of keeping this 
form window open/uncommitted is completely on their side. So if they are 
off to McDonalds during editing, it's their own decision to leave that 
window open.

Kind Regards,

> Fabrizio
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