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From Simone Gianni <>
Subject Re: dynamic tabs, dynamic forms
Date Fri, 10 Feb 2006 12:24:29 GMT
Hi Fernando,
cocoon is actually able to do tabbed panels with dinamically generated 
forms inside, see cocoon forms for more dails. I'm working on a site 
which uses dynamic tabs where every tab represent a year, and contains a 
table with a number of elements in that year. You can add or delete 
years clicking on buttons, and add, remove and reorder (move up and 
down) elements inside the year with appropiate icon buttons. And all 
this is handled by the underlying framework, which i have expanded 
(since it's fully pluggable) in some points to make it better fit my needs.

The application backend is made with hibernate and spring. We have 
spring managed service beans and transactions, and hibernate persisted 
domain beans. The control part is done with javaflow (not javascript, 
but real java classes) so that we have compile time checks and strong 

Furthermore, there are many attempts going on to migrate cocoon 
completely to spring.

Hope you can find more informations searching for this :
- javaflow, cocoon forms (expecially the XSL part for tabbed forms) in 
cocoon user documentation.
- CHS (Cocoon hibernate spring) slides made by Ugo Cei.


Simone Gianni

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