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From Simone Gianni <>
Subject Re: [CForms] validation + value-on-changed
Date Fri, 10 Feb 2006 03:49:22 GMT
Hi Robin,
AFAIK widgets are validated in two cases :
- When getValue is explictly called
- When validate is called

This means that in a normal form usage, they are validated :
- If another component (say, an event listener) calls the getValue() for 
some reason.
- If a submit button is pressed (explicit call to validate() )
- If an action button with validate = true is pressed (explicit call to 
validate() )

The "http submit" that happens with submit-on-change="true" or with an 
event handler, with or without ajax, is not a "cform submit", so doesn't 
trigger validation if not  as a side effect of something else going on.

You could try calling validate() explicitly from inside your event 
handler, it could work but i've never tested it, so let me know :)


Simone Gianni

Robin Wyles wrote:

> Hi All,
> I have a text field with custom validation and a value-on-changed  
> event listener...
> <fd:field id="video_key" required="true">
>     <fd:datatype base="string" />
>     <fd:validation>
>         <fd:javascript>
>             return validateVideoKey(widget);
>         </fd:javascript>
>     </fd:validation>
>     <fd:on-value-changed>
>         <fd:javascript>
>             updateFiles(event.source);
>         </fd:javascript>
>     </fd:on-value-changed>
> </fd:field>
> When the value of the field changes, the custom validation is  
> executed and if successful then my value-on-changed listener is  
> executed also - all good. If the validation fails then my value-on- 
> changed listener is not executed, which is (I think) also the  
> expected behaviour.
> However, when the validation fails as a result of the value-on- 
> changed listener being fired no validation error message is show on  
> the form. My custom validation sets a ValidationError on the widget,  
> and this gets displayed if the form is submitted with a submit  
> button, just not when submitted as a result of the value-on-changed.  
> This is true with both AJAX enabled or AJAX disabled on my form.
> Is there a way I can get the widget to display its ValidationError  
> after being validated as the result of the value-on-changed?
> Alternatively, and in my particular case this is preferable, is there  
> a way I can disable the validation before the value-on-changed on  
> this field?
> Thanks,
> Robin
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