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From christian bindeballe <>
Subject Re: Repost: Profiles in Portal, how?
Date Sat, 04 Feb 2006 13:32:59 GMT
Hi there, Armaz

Armaz Mellati schrieb:
> Hi
> What do you mean by " I only see those coplets defined in the global profile. No 
> user/role-based info seems to be retrieved." 

I mean, it doesn't really matter if I login as user with the role
"guest" or as a user with the role "admin", since the portal always only
displays the coplets defined in the global profiles.

> Are you sure you haven't forgotten the layout-part ? If any thing is missing from the
copletdata/instancedata files, you get an ugly
> error message. 
> You define coplets in copletdata/copletinstance files and then make sure right layout
files are retrieved that contain the coplets
> you want for the specific role.

Hm, not sure, really what you mean, but I think, I got everything right.
To make sure:

	portal.xml //global profile

	portal.xml //global profile, all coplets except one
	portal-role-admin.xml //admin profile with ONE coplet

	portal.xml //instances of coplets for ALL users
	portal-role-admin.xml //instance of admin coplet

	portal.xml //layout for all users
	portal-role-admin.xml //layout for admin, all coplets plus the admin coplet

funny thing is: the file resources/sunrise-user.xml has several users in
it. (user/pwd/role) e.g. "cocoon/cocoon/admin", "guest/guest/guest",
"anonymous/anonymous/guest", and "otto/peter/guest". I can log in with
any of these, all except user "otto" were in that file by default, but I
cannot log in with the user anonymous.... strange, hm? Do I need to
change some settings for the authentication manager? Until now I have
everything set to the defaults (cowarp).



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