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From Lars Huttar <>
Subject Re: Is this thing possible?
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2006 17:21:08 GMT
Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:
> Le 31 janv. 06, à 18:26, Angelo Immediata a écrit :
>> ...My project manager would like to do a similar thing: to display 
>> this web application in my portal without using Web Services but by 
>> capturing the html stream and re-elaborating it in order to have an 
>> url rewiting that can work under our portal..
> This is certainly doable even without the portal stuff - and once it 
> runs outside of the portal it should run inside of it as well.
> The HttpProxyGenerator or WebServiceProxyGenerator would help for the 
> proxying part (passing requests received by Cocoon to other back-end 
> systems), but AFAIK they expect well-formed XML responses.
> So, if your backends return html, you might have to combine the 
> functionality of these generators with the html-parsing functionality 
> of the NekoHTMLGenerator, which can convert HTML to XML.
> Unless there's a ready-made solution (I don't think so, but maybe 
> somebody has one) doing this will require some java skills to create 
> the interface components, but after that you'd be in a "normal" 
> pipeline environment.
> -Bertrand
I've been working on this same problem -- proxying requests (POST is the 
troublesome one) while being able to handle non-well-formed XML 
responses. I had searched for a ready-made solution for this in Cocoon, 
and couldn't find one. Now I'm encouraged to hear from an expert like 
Bertrand -- it's not just because I'm incompetent. :-)

Anyway, Angelo, if you come up with a solution, I would love to see it 
too. Maybe it could be incorporated as an improvement to one of the 
proxy generators into the standard Cocoon package.


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