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From "Aron Shamash" <>
Subject RE: Need an alternative to cocoon.redirectTo()
Date Tue, 28 Feb 2006 15:25:18 GMT
Hi Simone
Yes I have tried : 

cocoon.response.addHeader("headername", "headervalue"); 

and I am successfully getting 302 headers to be over 512 bytes now.
Thanks very much for you suggestion.

Just need to see if it sorts out the client problem or whether their
proxy will strip it out.




	From: Simone Gianni [] 
	Sent: 28 February 2006 12:57
	Subject: Re: Need an alternative to cocoon.redirectTo()
	Hi Aron,
	I didn't know of this bug, wow! You can try to meet the 512
bytes adding headers to the response directly from the cocoon flow, i
javaflow this is accomplished this way :
d to write at least 512 bytes here to avoid a well known IE SP2 bug, so
please ignore this header unless you are a Microsoft Developer");
	You should try with a tcp sniffer or an http sniffer (the well
known tcpmon included in axis is a good option) to check that this
header is not removed by the client proxy.
	Another option could be not to use the 302 message, but a
redirect page. You can write a JX that outputs an HTML page with an
http-equiv meta or with a javascript that performs a redirect, but IMMO
is a bit too much to circumvent a IE bug that will probably get
	Hope this helps,
	Aron Shamash wrote: 

		I have a situation whereby I may need to change all uses
of cocoon.redirectTo() in my flowscript to something which does not
throw a 302 message.
		We have various instances of redirectTo() in the flow
including the need to pass values on the querystring eg:

		The background :

		*	The client is behind a Proxy server and there is
a known bug in IE with SP2 in an SSL environment whereby for any error
messages under 512 bytes, IE displays it's own "this page cannot be
displayed" error page. This is happening for all 302 messages not just
those generated by cocoon.redirectTo(). 
		*	We have tried apending extra bytes to 302
message using the mod_headers  Module using follow 

		            ErrorHeader append header value 
		            but this seems to be getting ignored.

		*	 Running Cocoon 2.1.6 
		*	Apache 1.3.32 

		What I am having problems with is an alternative
solution to using redirectTo(). Does anyone have any idea?

		If anyone knows of a solution to this it would be
greatly appreciated.





		Aron Shamash

		Interface Developer


		Phone 020 7907 4545

		DNA An Avenue A | Razorfish Company


	Simone Gianni

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