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From "Duncan McLean" <>
Subject Questions/problem with submit id
Date Fri, 03 Feb 2006 12:43:39 GMT

Couple of question about submitId.

1) Is it possible to have a submit generated by a link on a form
subsequently generate a submitid which can be tested by flow - if so, how?

For example, something like this submits a form succcessfully, but I cannot
then determine the submitId in flowscript (returns null).
<a href="Javascript:document.myform.submit()" id="mySubmit"
name="mySubmit">Next page</a>

2) Also used a button to submit form and had trouble detecting the
submitId (returns null), example:
<input type="submit" id="nextpage" name="nextpage" value="next page"/>

Is there something else I have to do?

Thanks in advance


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