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From "Duncan McLean" <>
Subject Data not being retained by form - problem/bug/caching?
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2006 16:26:53 GMT

Can anyone help?

We have noticed a problem with Internet Explorer and data "persisting" on
forms (this doesn't seem to affect Firefox for some reason.

Basically, if we have a form with, say, a few text fields and also
a field with a "submit-on-change" action, we seem to lose data that we
have previously entered.

Scenario: 3 page form -

1) First forms picks a product from a drop down list
2) Submit this one - ok
3) Second form has a set of 3 text fields, radio buttons which either
shows or hides a second group of 3 text fields.
4) Submit data, see final screen.
5) Back button in browser - click on radio button (submit-on-change
action), to show extra fields, type in *any* of the text fields.
6) Resubmit
7) Go back in browser and refresh.
8) All data entered in stage (5) lost, and previous data shown.

What is happening? This doesn't seem to affect firefox - is it an
environmental problem - caching - something else?

This is a trivial example, but we have a real-world example which we need
to allow the user to navigate back to previous pages and re-edit them and
are worried about the effects of this.

I thought it was something we did, so updated the "carselector" sample to
simply include an arbitrary text field - the same behaviour was observed.

(We also tried binding the form to a JavaBean but the same behaviour)

Any pointers/experiences appreciated

Thanks in advance


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