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From "Rob Gregory" <>
Subject i18n - XML Resource Bundle - Parameters
Date Fri, 17 Feb 2006 19:26:41 GMT
Hello All,


I'm trying to reuse the i18n logic within Cocoon 2.1.7 so I can provide i18n
translations from within our own core java classes. I have managed to get
this working by implementing SourceResolver, Source, Logger & ServiceManager
and the plain translations are working fine. 


The problem I have is when trying to deal with parameter replacements i.e.
"the following {0} will {1} be replaced" where {0} & {1} are dynamically
replaced during translation. The resource bundle is not returning the
original text from the translation file and is removing the {0} & {1} parts
- i.e. the bundles hashmap contains "the following will be replaced"? I
suspect this is because cocoon deals with SaxParams and I need to replace
these parts myself (unless I can work out how to let cocoon classes do


The question is if it's possible to stop cocoon removing these markers {} or
to at least know at which index they where removed?


Any help or pointers are greatly appreciated.


Thank in advance




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