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From Andrew Madu <>
Subject Re: Flowscript continuation from external reply
Date Tue, 21 Feb 2006 15:03:50 GMT
Hi Simone,

> 1) Instead of using redirectTo, set up a page with a link to the  
> external site (like a jx page), then use sendPageAndWait to send  
> this page to the user, he will click on the link, go to the  
> external site and all the rest, while your flow will be suspended  
> until the external site will redirect him to your continuation and  
> the flow will restart. This is a clean solution, but involves one  
> more step for the user.
> 2) Create a webContinuation in your flow (you can do this in  
> javascript flow), before the redirectTo. This way you have a  
> "bookmark" in your flow the user can be redirected to, even if you  
> haven't stopped the flow directly. This is quite a dirtier  
> solution, but avoids the extra click. Here is the pseudocode:

wouldn't a nicer way to be to call a webservice? So for example:
	var webServiceVal = cocoon.callWebservice(bizData.fname etc etc etc)
	try {
		if (webServiceVal == true) {

	} catch (e) {
		//Some problem has occured
		msg2 = e.toString();

How do I call a webservice and pass it parameters in flowscript?

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