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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: Simple Page Editor for Cocoon?
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2006 06:21:46 GMT
Thanks Johannes
I think the Wiki page will be useful to many - Bertrand has
also offered the source of his "Bloon" mini-CMS, which looks
to be exactly what I need in the meantime.

>>> 2006/01/23 10:26 PM >>>
Hi Derek,

I did something like that, but it think it is still more 'simple' than
you describe:

- no database connection, all you do is edit XHTML fragments which are
stored as flat XML files in a directory
- no title, no section for a page, just the (unique) filename

It is based on the freeware cross-browser text editor "RTE"
(, stripped down to the most
essential functions. Cross-Browser means moz/IE at the moment, since the
others don't support design mode. I use cocoon to "clean" the content
through some additional stylesheets which only let the most basic markup
come through (p,div,a,img,ul/ol/li but no tables/iframes/font etc.)

Additionally, it has an image pool where you can upload images which can
be used in the editor afterwards. That one relies on ImageMagick for
unknown formats though (still works on windows + linux)

If you or someone else is interested in this, I think I can spare the
time this week to put up a wiki page.


Derek Hohls schrieb:

>Has anyone thought about, or experimented, with a Simple 
>Page Editor (SPE) for Cocoon?
>I am not looking for a complex CMS solution - just a simple
>facility whereby users can edit a page, or upload a new
>Each page would have to have:
>* unique name
>* selection of appropriate "section" (drop down list)
>* page title
>* page contents
>users would be logged in, so it would be useful to add-on to
>the end of the page, who was the last to edit and when.
>I am assuming a forms/flowscript approach would work...
>although data is stored in flatfiles (not beans or a database)
>If anyone has implemented such a system, I would like to
>hear about it... might also be a good sample app to put
>out with Cocoon.
>PS No, I do not want a wiki system; I assume the contents
>section will have an "toolbar" for users to format the content.

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