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From Jonas Lundberg <>
Subject Re: How to return xml from a flowscript?
Date Fri, 06 Jan 2006 09:59:40 GMT
Right. It is not possible to pass the XML to an qxuery pipeline
(starting with an xquery generator), then (unless it is passed as an
escaped string). Thanks for the explanations.

That leaves two options, since the xquery generator does not support
the Cocoon protocol.
a) store from flowscript.
b) store from xsp (as I do now).
(and then do the content management of the stored data (before or
after storage) in the xquery)
To me, there does not seem to be any specific advantages or
disadvantages of either solution, if I only store uploaded files in
that way. Does that seem right?

Use of HTMLarea, or similar widget, should get the same problem. Is
that correct?
(the problem being that all '<' and '>' in the text are escaped
together with html tags, causing problems when un-escaping the data to
get xml)


On 1/5/06, Geert Josten <> wrote:
> > So, what you are saying now is that you cannot pass an xml document as
> > a parameter in Cocoon, at all?
> What do you mean with xml document and what with parameter?
> The parameters you pass from FlowScript can contain any object type, but I'm pretty sure
> <map:parameter> does not allow that. That is probably why you are inserting the
XML itself as value
> of the parameter, with all the complications you already mentioned.
> I really think it is wise to reconsider you approach. You don't want to treat XML as
an escaped
> string...
> I liked the suggestions of uploading the xml to eXist from FlowScript directly...
> Regards,
> Geert
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