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From Jonas Lundberg <>
Subject Re: Cocoon and eXist
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2006 11:48:13 GMT
Peter, I think you might want to integrate eXist with your existing
Cocoon installation:


On 1/5/06, Peter Flynn <> wrote:
> [My apologies for crossposting, but I don't know which community is best
> placed to answer this one.]
> I am going to be using Cocoon to serve a large and varied collection of
> XML documents and I'd like to use eXist as the search system. Cocoon is
> running happily within Tomcat on port 80 as the default application (by
> moving ROOT out of the way and renaming cocoon to ROOT within webapps)
> because I don't want users confused with :8080/cocoon in the URIs.
> 1. Where do I put the exist directory? (It was unwrapped from the .war
>    file earlier when I tested it, before I moved ROOT). I've tried it in
>    the Ccocoon directory, but that seems to create problems finding the
>    classes (see
> 2. The eXist documentation seems to imply that eXist comes with its own
>    copy of Cocoon. Is this true, and if so, when I start writing
>    queries, how will I make it use my existing Cocoon (or do I need to)?
> 3. Is all this even possible, or do I have to go back to keeping cocoon
>    and exist as siblings within the original ROOT? If so, how can I
>    still get rid of the /cocoon token from the default URIs?
> ///Peter
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