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From Quoin Developers <>
Subject Re: Apache Coccon developer anywhere in the world
Date Tue, 31 Jan 2006 21:44:34 GMT
To elaborate further...

We offer a highly collaborative environment where we use many agile
practices such as pair programming, test-driven development, short
iterations. We endeavor to work closely with our clients to understand
how their business works so that we can build systems that can help
them to excel.

We're doing a lot of development in Java and Cocoon. Some of our work
is with the Lenya open-source content management platform. We use both
Linux and Windows. Mostly we're doing web-applications, but that's not
the only type of thing we do. Past clients include,

Things that we'd like you to know (some or all of): Java, Hibernate,
Cocoon, XSTL, CSS, XHTML, Lucene, Javascript.

You'd be a great fit with us if you...

Enjoy collaborative pair programming.
Continually try to improve through reading (books, blogs, manuals).
Love Design Patterns but know they can be overused and abused.
Understand that writing software is a long series of trade-offs, and
there usually isn't a "one, true implementation."
Don't think you know all the answers but think you know some of the questions.
Understand why Agile is useful as a methodology and have worked in
several projects using some kind of Agile approach.
Are smart, but not conceited.
Are a team player, and self-motivated.
Are confident with your skills and abilities, but always seeking to
improve and learn from others.
Think UML can be useful in expressing, understanding and communicating
concepts, but are not dogmatic about UML as a language for specifying
technical projects.
Can handle your code being reviewed, and can contribute useful
suggestions on improving others'.
Have a curious personality and, through discipline and experience,
instinctively know when it is appropriate to take time to dig deeper
into a problem

Please email with an introduction and your resume (preferably in PDF).

Our web site is

(acknowledgments to my friend, Rob Cecil
[] for many of
the attributes listed above).

Eric Meyer

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