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From Bob Harner <>
Subject Re: XCSS?
Date Thu, 12 Jan 2006 19:01:55 GMT
On 1/12/06, Stephen Winnall <> wrote:
> I am setting up a website using Cocoon and want to generate XHTML and
> use CSS to
> handle the presentation. Like everyone else I am being bitten by the
> fact that 90% of all
> browsers conform to the CSS standard, but the browser that 90% of the
> users use does not :-(
> (I think) I have managed to banish all the browser dependencies (for
> my site, at least) into
> the CSS file and I have a clean SoC-like separation of content and
> presentation. So what I
> would now like to do is use Cocoon to generate different CSS files to
> accommodate MSIE.
> I would also like to handle some I18N issues I have in the CSS files.
> Does anyone know of a way of writing something that could be called
> "XCSS", i.e. CSS
> written in an XML syntax, which can be transformed/serialised into
> proper CSS?
> Apart from passing remarks (including one from the maestro at
> ) I have been unable to find any references to much like this. I have
> spent about some time
> trawling Google, but XSL and CSS are not good search terms (they
> throw up too many
> results), and XCSS doesn't throw up anything conclusive, although the
> results do confirm
> that I am not the first person who wants to do this.
> The project JXCSS does the other thing, i.e. convert CSS into XCSS,
> but the documentation
> says that there is no transformation available to produce CSS from XCSS:
>         "Stylesheets need to be written to generate and pretty-print CSS
> source code"
> I will admit to being reluctant to write such a stylesheet myself
> because I am already
> severely sidetracked doing this website, and I need to get back to my
> other tasks.
> I would be grateful for any hints on where to look. And if there is a
> Better Way, please
> let me know.
> Steve

Well, in cocoon it's pretty easy to serve up different CSS files based
on the browser.  Per just use a
BrowerSelector component, and within each branch call a reader with
the src attribute for each pointing to either the ie or non-ie CSS
file.  Will this work for you?

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