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From Irv Salisbury <>
Subject Re: [Cocoon-Users] Re: Hibernate in Cocoon
Date Tue, 10 Jan 2006 14:05:25 GMT
>From what I have seen, the typical way people have used Hibernate is the

1. Javaflow or flowscript gets the initial call
2. All the request parameters, etc are all dealt with in flow
3. Hibernate is used from within flow to deal with the business request
4. When the request is processed, java objects representing the result are
passed to the jxtemplate generator
5. Normal cocoon pipeline processing (jxtg, xsl, etc) are used to send final


On 1/9/06, David Kavanagh <> wrote:
> FWIW, You can probably get more mileage out of a transformer. That way,
> you can pass config information into it via the pipeline, which would allow
> you to configure it via request params more easily. I've bene this route
> with Excel input and ended up with a transformer because it was a lot more
> flexible. Imagine, you can also throw it anyplace in your pipeline and have
> it operate on just the namespace it uses. (I'm sure others have said it
> better...)
> However, in my case (and after looking at the cocoon-hibernate tutorial),
> we've decided to bypass cocoon in favor of our own SQL Transformer (which is
> quite a bit different and more advanced than the stanard cocoon one). We
> just didn't need the caching and lazy loading that hibernate would have
> provided. We need to drive an AJAX tree view of a tree data structure.
> David
> Thus Spoke Beat De Martin:
> David Kavanagh wrote:
>  Has anyone interfaced with Hibernate in a pipeline? Did you write a
> transformer, call JavaFlow or something else?
> I'm thinking of using the Hibernate XML export feature to load objects
> into my pipeline (inside a transformer). I'd certainly appreciate
> hearing about any existing work in this area.
>  I'd like to do the same. I may do it with a generator.
> Bye
> Beat De Martin

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